Gemini Series Alpha Project Fermenting

Gemini Series is my fancy/cheesy name for making two batches of beer in the same day. Great time savings. Alpha Project is my fancier/cheesier (downright geeky in every sense of the word) name for my first attempt at making two beers at once (not counting the two partigyles I've done). If you're reading this, you presumably know that fermenting is what we call it when yeast consumes sugar and creates alcohol and CO2.

Finally, after a nearly 24-hour lag time, my two beers are fermenting. They're going pretty good right now. I am almost ready to switch the fridge over to cool mode to keep the temps from raising too much as fermentation creates heat in the becoming-beer.

It is strange, though. The two beers are fermenting differently. One is steady, like a normal beer. But the other one is really burst-y, no activity for a second, then three bubbles all in a row. It was so compelling to me, I filmed it (with my digital camera - the one that I take still photos with) and put it on YouTube. Here it is:

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