GSX-R1.104 Update

I just transferred GSX-R1.104 to secondary. The gravity dropped a few points to 1.028, which is only 1.003 above what BeerSmith predicted, so while it is high, it isn't outrageously high. It must have been that darn partial mash "steep" procedure leaving all the unfermentable sugars. Grrr!

Anyway, that makes it 10% ABV, and about 370 calories per bottle. Strong. But the flavor was still DOMINATED by alcohol, and it was also very sweet on top of that. It is more like Brandy or something than beer, but maybe that isn't a total disaster. I wonder if anyone would go for that type of thing? Probably. I should call it "BarleyBrandy", or more accurately "LiquidMaltExtractBrandy".

Tomorrow I bottle Big Slick. Another hot alcohol monster. It may have mellowed by now, since it is only 8.5%. We'll see... the bottle I made last week is almost ready to try. The bottle of Doree Forte has been ready since day three, but I will try it in two days. Tomorrow I taste Allagash Tripel, and then the next day, it's my own creation. Then I think the day after that would be a reasonable time to pop the Big Slick.

Which reminds me - I haven't been posting tastings on here so much. It's because I put them on www.beeradvocate.com now, so go there. It has a great tasting notes database. They are awesome. From now on, I may only post my own tastings here (that is, tastings of my own beers)... we'll see how it pans out.

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