Sorry I haven't been posting. I have been busy trying to like actually make a living now. See http://dryerventilator.blogspot.com for more info. Also see http://www.keithbrainard.com for the same info in a different form.

Anyway. I continue to drink beer, and I have tasted many commercial beers the past few weeks. I have good notes, fit for http://beeradvocate.com but I haven't yet posted them there. Working is hard work.

Brewing is also somewhat on hold as I wait for the big beers to carb up (no they are still flat) and just don't have much time for brewing lately. With any luck, I'll brew Belgian Tripel IPA soon. Then I'll get to posting about it. And maybe I'll bottle Public IPA and Strawbeery soon. Then I'll get to posting about it. But until that time, it is fluffy posts like this one.

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