Starter for Imperial Stout

I am going to be making for my next beer an Imperial Stout. I am shooting for 1.100 OG, and although I have been pretty happy with the performance of US-05 in my last two beers, the most recent of which was OG 1.080, I think I would be better off making a starter for this Stout.

I just can't decide if I want to make a normal one-gallon starter, or go for a full-blown five-gallon "starter". I did a bunch of two and three-quart starters this summer, but I think it would be fun to have a whole extra beer made. Especially a small beer to sort of compensate for the hugeness of the Stout.

Any thoughts?

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ksbrainard said...

OK so I decided. I am blogging about it at my web site tomorrow (12/5). I am making a full five-gallon batch for the starter. I designed the recipe from scratch, and I'm super excited about it.