WTF Chill Haze

My CornucopIPA and Christmas Presence Winter Ale both seem to have a bad case of chill haze. I can clearly see that they are quite clear when I look at them warm. Then after they are cooled in the fridge, they are hazy.

The CornucopIPA has some wheat and oats in it, but is mainly extracts. The Christmas Presence is mainly malts with just a small amount of DME. From what I can tell, everyone says the only way that you get chill haze is from inadequate cooling, and the recommendation is always "get an immersion chiller".

Well I have an immersion chiller. I haven't noticed this problem before, and in fact I've noticed lately that my non-opaque beers are clear until I pour the inevitable small amount of yeast into the glass. I would have thought that with colder weather would come colder water and thus more quickly cooled wort, which would facilitate cold break and eschew chill haze.

Any ideas on fighting the chill haze?


ksbrainard said...

As an update, I am finding that time in the fridge settles the chill haze. Bottles that have been chilled for several days are clear now in the whole neck of the bottle. I wonder if that still makes it chill haze or what?

ksbrainard said...

I had a cold break experience today. I took a wort sample mid-boil while making Little Bear's Brown Beer, and as it cooled in my 40-50 degree garage where I brew, I could see cold break forming. It was pretty cool.

I wonder if this is somehow related to chill haze. Like if some has already had cold break, it might inhibit other cold break, or it might just be that little bit of cold break distributed across all bottles, since I pour the mid-sample back into the boiling wort.

At the same time, the alleged chill haze continues to settle out.

Keith Brainard said...

One more update: the chill haze on CornucopIPA seems to be gone, if that's what it was at all. It is now clear, unless I get some of the yeast from the bottom of the bottle in my glass.

Keith Brainard said...

One more update on the chill haze. I think I might have solved it. See this post on BrainardBrewing.com for more info.

I will update on that site when I know more after my next batch (yet to be brewed) is done.