Big Slick Update

Fermentation slowed on Big Slick, my Imperial IPA, a few days ago. Yesterday, I sampled the gravity to see where it was. As a bonus I got to taste some.

Well the gravity remains high - 1.030. I'd really like to see it hit 1.015 or even lower, so we'll see what happens. I did learn that I don't really need to hurry it off to secondary. So now I am "rousing the yeast" a few times a day - sort of swirling the carboy to resuspend yeast so it can get back to work. I'll resample again next Monday and see how the gravity is doing.

Oh yes, and the taste. The basement has been about 72 with the recent heat, and the fermentation was making the beer temp around 78 - by all accounts a bit too high. And the alcohol taste (it is already 8.5% ABV) was prevalent to say the least. So I guess it's time to insulate and cool the fermenting beer boxes - even in the basement.

Hey at least it is higher than 3% ABV, which is ultimately what I was after.

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