Wine Tasting

Last night, after brewing beer, I actually went to a wine tasting. Just to see what it was like.

It was interesting - everyone there seemed to know each other, like they were a pack of wine tasters who went to every tasting (they are held weekly at Riverwalk, a local bar/restaurant, plus there are a few wineries in the area).

As for the wine itself - one was actually a lambic that tasted just like Kriek Boon, which tastes just like a wine cooler. The bottle of this wine even said (in French) that it was spontaneously fermented. Hmmm. Except it was $18 for a 750 ml of 7.5% ABV. Kriek Boon was probably $5.00 for 330 ml, but I don't know the alcohol content. But the wine bottle was cooler than the beer bottle.

The other wines were OK I guess, there was one white, and three reds. The reds were all harsh - smoky, peppery, nasty. And I guess they were supposed to be, because most of the other people liked them. I liked the white the best - it wasn't too harsh, but it was a little boring.

I think for now I'll stick with beer, thanks.

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