Slacking off

OK so I started this thing and now haven't posted. Well I've been tasting my own brewed beers.

I bottled "Honey Nut Beerios" on the 21st. It's a Southern British nut brown with honey added to it. It is almost ready. Two weeks in the bottle is generally when I put it into the fridge.

I also bottled "Oatquake Stout Ale" on the 24th. It's an oatmeal stout that had some fermentation difficulties, and has a whopping 1.8% ABV, but it's still pretty good. Those yeast were eager for some fermentables, and it's almost ready already. But, two weeks till it's official.

Anyway, I've been on those the past few days. All I really have left to taste anyway is a couple of Duvels (I already tasted two, but didn't take any notes) and a domestic Wee Heavy.

I'm going to brew a Duvel clone next, on Tuesday, and a Wee Heavy after that, on the Tuesday after next. I guess I should probably do official tastings of my own beers... after all if you want to read about what commercially available beers taste like, that's what www.beeradvocate.com is for!

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