Otter Creek Wee Heavy

OK so I thought I wanted to brew a wee heavy. A high alcohol beer with a cool style name. So I got a 22 ounce bottle of Otter Creek's version from their "World Tour" series. I was very optimistic.

First warning sign: screw top. Why?

Okay...past that...it pours with basically no head at all. I just used my mug with a handle (tankard?) for it, so it should have a large head. But nothing... well OK it isn't from Belgium, so maybe no head is OK.

It smells like a scotch ale, which it should. It has that sweet caramel and malt smell. Maybe even an oakey smell. It is also brown - not as dark as my nut brown, but solidly brown - darker than Newcastle.

First taste...blah. Not bad, but not making me super eager for another sip. I can feel some alcohol in it. I assume it is at least 8%, by style, but it doesn't bother telling us how much ABV it has, so it's anyone's guess. I felt pretty good (taste buds notwithstanding) after finishing the 22 ounces, so it can hold it's own in the ABV dept.

It is lightly carbonated, which is fine. It has subtle hops, which is fine. Is is super sweet, which is not so good. My mouth is sticky from all the sweetness. Maybe in style, but not what I like. In the end this is just too sweet for me.

So instead of a Wee Heavy, I am going to make a Fat Tire clone, maybe a double Fat Tire (I guess that would be a Quad ATV)

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