I tasted and noted Duvel tonight, but I can't quite find it in myself to post it right now. But I did do it. I know it was good stuff. Sweet and Belgian...light and high ABV. Just how I like it right now.

But at the bar, they had a lot of Irish stuff. Smithwicks (say "schmidicks") is good, Guiness is good, but Stella was my fave tonight (I know it's not Irish). Can't wait to brew my Duvel clone, named "Dorée Forte" (Strong Golden) on Tuesday, or maybe Wednesday depending on the weather.

I also would like to include my wife tonight. Aimée tasted the Duvel and declared it the best of the Belgians that I've had the past few weeks. I trust her pallette more than mine. She tasted subtleties in other French and Belgian ales that I initially missed. Where would I be without her? Probably still at the bar getting in a LOT of trouble. 143!

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