Today I am brewing what I have called GSX-R1.099 (I know the picture is a GSX-R1000, but there isn't an 1100 this year, and I didn't want to call it Hayabusa - that would have to be a Japanese-style beer). It is a double version of the Fat Tire clone from the BYO 150 clones book. I am troubleshooting my high FG issue by doing an extract brew today. Four cans of LME make a gravity of almost 1.100. I think I will dose with corn sugar in secondary to make a OG of 1.100 just so I can call it GSX-R1.100.

Liquid Malt Extract is messy and annoying. This is barely any easier than All Grain brewing. We'll see how long it ends up taking.

I am also, as tradition has established, drinking the yeast starter beer while brewing. It gets easier each time to drink hop-free beer. Not sure if that's a good thing or not...

I am also making a yeast starter of WY1056 (equivalent of WLP001) to pitch to Big Slick at high krausen to revitalize the fermentaiton for secondary fermentation tomorrow or Wednesday (depending on when it gets going). What a day!

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