Brewing Dorée Forte

So right now I am sparging my Duvel clone, named Dorée Forte (roughly, "Strong Gold") according to some online translator. The recipe from the BYO 150 Clones magazine is a bit more complicated than I'm used to. There are two options, but both involve applying heat to the mash tun. But I have an Igloo cooler setup...

I chose the one where you mash in at 99 and then slowly raise temp to 168 over 90-180 minutes. My burner doesn't go that slow, and I ended up doing steps at 120, 130, 140, and 150 for 10, 10, 20, and 30 minutes each, then a mash out at 170. Who knows what will happen. The mash water is really cloudy. I will check the gravity and add up to a pound of DME if I need to.

I made a yeast starter again this time. It is cool - I tasted it and it tastes like belgian ale. I know this is what they always say, but it was still amazing to me. Contrast with last week, when the Cali Ale yeast starter tasted sort of like nothing is even more amazing.

Well with any luck I'll pitch my yeast at 4 PM.


lc said...

If you are going to use our copyright coin photographs, you should at least give a credit and link to our websites www.chards.co.uk

Keith Brainard said...

My apologies. I will remove the photo if you like, or add any credits you request.