La Fin Du Monde

I had the pleasure of La Fin Du Monde last night. So much pleasure, I didn't get to blog it last night. This bottle was from Cask'n'Keg here in Mystic, which has lots of great beers available. This bottle was "best before 2/8/10". Funny thing is it was a twist off cap... It was of course bottle conditioned.

La Fin Du Monde ("the end of the world" for the severely language challenged) is made by Unibroue in Canada. But it is oh so Belgian. Triple fermented beauty in a glass.

It pours cloudy deep gold, with lots of big bubbles forming a luscious head. It has a strong Belgian fruity smell that invites you to tip it back and drink up. The flavor is very fruity and spicy, as a Belgian ought to be. I'm not sure - this might be a Trippel? Check http://www.beeradvocate.com/ to see what they say. This beer has what I'd call a meduim body - not too sweet, but not too dry. It produces an alcohol warmth in the stomach. I guess it must have had hops, but I don't have any notes on it. It was probably moderately hopped - I am sure it was well balanced and appropriately hopped for its color, body, and alcohol

I have a special treat today. I got guest smellers and a guest taster. Iris, my three-and-a-half year old smelled it. Normally, beer smells "yuck" to her. But she claimed this one smelled "kind of good, kind of bad, kind of gigantic, kind of medium, kind of enormous". Not sure quite what that means, but it isn't "yuck". I think she was making a joke... Aimée, my wife smelled and tasted it. She gave it a smokey purfume smell. I think that means Belgian. Then she said it tasted like Birch Beer, with a grimace on her face. I don't think she liked it. But then again, she was drinking an Italian Pinot Grigio at the time, so I could see how the two might not mesh that well

I, however, did like La Fin Du Monde. If this is what the end of the world is like, then bring it on! This beer was just what I wanted right when I had it. I love a light color, and not-too-malty-sweet taste. I like strong alcohol feel in the gut. I like a foamy head. And I like that classic Belgian smell and taste. In fact I want a Fin Du Monde right now. But I only bought one. I'll have to make it!

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mrhurtalot said...

"the end of the world" refers to the new foundland and how they thought they had reached the literal End/Edge of the earth. notice what part of the planet is on the logo.

but this is one of my favorite beers of all time.