Duvel Notes

Duvel. Perhaps the most well known Belgian ale. I had a four pack of 11.2 ounce (330 ml) bottles. This is one of them. The bottles came with a fancy glass from which I've been drinking all the other belgians. Duvel is 8.5% ABV and it was in a brown bottle which was capped.

The color is very light golden. It has a big frothy head, which dissolves from the edge of the glass (probably due to dishwasher detergent residue), but stays in the middle (probably due in part to the etched "D" in the bottom of the glass which sprouts forth bubbles while beer is in the glass). I can smell it through the head. It smells fruity, but slightly unfresh.

It tastes tangy, effervescent, peppery, and sweet. It is very nice. It has a great round carbonated feel. The alcohol is secretive - you'd never know if you didn't know. As it moves on, you get a little of mouth and throat warmth from the alcohol.

Damn this is good! I can't wait until I make my own on Wednesday - unfortunately Tuesday it will rain, so I can't brew, since I brew outdoors...

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